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Just For Me 3-D Cover.jpg

Just One More

Just For Me

For ages 2 and Up

Sometimes Ruby needs

just one more minute of sleep,

one more thingy for her hair,

one more push on the swing,

and one more scoop on her cone,

and one more, and one more,

and one more . . .)

until one more is just too much.

Maybe it’s time for just one?

If you know a someone like Ruby,

Just One More will be just right!


"I have always wanted to make children's books and have found it is a culmination of everything I have done so far in the art world."

See if you can find these expressions on Ruby's face throughout Just One More! This is my daughter and I used these exact photos to illustrate Ruby.



Expressions Vert.jpg
Hey, teachers and librarians...Click on this Educator's Guide to Download now!




“Debut author- illustrator Rolli’s buttery, pastel-hued oil paintings convey a character who’s the soul of doe-eyed adorableness…” —Publishers Weekly

“A worthy companion for Ian Falconer’s Olivia.” —School Library Journal

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