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And this Life Cycle Chart with Claudia




One of the wonderful benefits of making picture books is spending time with young readers. I have so enjoyed watching their creative energy ignite and hearing how it continues on after my visit. What a thrill to see halls and bulletin boards plastered with interpretations of my books, too!


I am currently booking full and half day school visits for the 2019-20 school year. My companion Teacher's Guide for Claudia & Moth is now available to download. Throughout the book there are undertones about positive outlook, art, change of season, life cycle, and kindness to earth’s creatures. My Teacher’s Guide will delve into these topics across many academic platforms through lessons and activities which are Common Core compliant. 


I would love to see you this school year, please contact me to schedule a visit.  

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We absolutely loved her presentations to our little ones, "our future story writers." She was an absolute delight and great for our K-2 age level children.

Maria Gugluizza - Kindergarten Teacher 

Jennifer Hansen Rolli is not only a perfect lady, but a beautiful and talented writer and artist.  Her books and paintings showcase her talents and passion for children and nature and life. The crowds go wild here when she visits our school and shares her craft and inside stories about her books and paintings.  A true delight! Wonderful visits!!! We want more books!!!!

Liz Dobuski

Elementary School Librarian

“Your books are extraordinary. Claudia and Moth made me feel like butterflies were swarming around me.”- Kate 3rd Grade

We were so lucky to have Jennifer Hansen Rolli back to our school for a visit.  My third graders saw her share Just One More when they were in kindergarten. Now, in third grade, they were so excited to hear all about Claudia and Moth.  Her talent, hard-work and enthusiasm inspired them in so many ways.

Mindy Popescu.   3rd Grade Teacher

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